23-24 November 2017
European Space Operations Center (ESOC/ESA)
Europe/Berlin timezone

Open Source CubeSat Workshop 2017

Open Space Operations

Open source movements are nowadays seen in almost all domains. They have the greater goal of enabling open collaboration. Space exploration should not be excluded from this – it should be open to all. CubeSats are an ideal tool for testing new technologies and for demonstrating new ways of doing things. This workshop was therefore created to promote the application of an open source philosophy to CubeSat missions.

The workshop provides a forum for presenting CubeSat related open source projects and to freely share ideas and exchange knowledge in CubeSat developments. The focus of this year’s workshop is on mission operations and how the open source approach applied to space and ground segment might impact this important area. The target audience of this workshop is academia, research institutes, companies, and individuals. The workshop is limited to 80 people.

The workshop will provide round tables for open discussions as well as presentations. Presentation topics may cover, but are not limited to, the following: open source CubeSat missions; avionics and instruments; ground stations and networks; mission operations systems; open source business models and regulations; open source communities; and standards.

European Space Operations Center (ESOC/ESA)