14-16 October 2019
Athens Conservatoire
Europe/Athens timezone

Open Source Rocketry, Is there a roadmap?

16 Oct 2019, 15:30
Main Room

Main Room

Round Table Ground Networks, Launchers, and Operations Group meetings - Roundtables


Mr Jo Hinchliffe (LSF)


Amateur rocketry is abundant with global uptake of High Power rocketry through organisations like the Tripoli, NAR, UKRA. We see organisations like Copenhagen sub orbitals build large scale projects with a roadmap towards human flight beyond the Karman line. We also see innumerable student teams building larger airframes, for projects such as the Spaceport America Cup, we see limited opensource development in this field. This roundtable seeks to explore some themes pertaining to possible uses and potentials for developing open source rocketry communities working on larger scale projects. Identifying what purposes Open Source rocketry might serve and an exploration of what tools and projects and resources are already available to this emergent community. For example might opensource rocketry serve organisations such as CANSAT, can the CANSAT model be extended to use perhaps Pocketqubes allowing scale from amateur competition to LEO missions. Could Opensource rocketry be utilised in science missions as sounding rockets and indeed could opensource rocketry be used to verify and test cubesat components in high g, low atmosphere missions.

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