12-13 December 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

SDNx DebriSat: Detecting Milli Space Debris In the Low Earth Orbit

13 Dec 2020, 16:30
lightning talk Room #1


About half a century’s space programs have littered the Earth’s orbit with more than 22,000 man-made objects of a size larger than a softball and hundreds of thousands of tiny fragments. This increasing number of space unused debris are causing serious threats to the present and future outer space activities, in area of both government (military, intelligence, and civil) and commercial.

Experts presume that the current population growth trend will be predominantly influenced by catastrophic collisions that are likely to occur every five to nine years.

To curtail the expanse of man-made debris scattered from its space launches and inactive satellites, our group of Indian Students are developing 'SDNx DebriSat’ – to launch a constellation of NanoSatellites for as an early warning arrangement to avoid threats and other hazards to Indian satellites.

SDNx DebriSat will track 1,000,000 debris of size less than 1 cm is our targeted fragments with a sensor range of 600kilometres.

Primary author

Govind Yadav (SDNx India)

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