9-10 December 2021
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New opportunities for student CubeSat teams within ESA’s Fly Your Satellite! educational programme

9 Dec 2021, 16:50
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‘Fly Your Satellite!’ (FYS) is a recurring hands-on programme conducted by ESA for University student teams developing a CubeSat with an educational scope. Through the Fly Your Satellite! programme, ESA supports university students in the development of their own educational CubeSat, by offering dedicated trainings, supporting project reviews, and enabling the transfer of expertise from ESA specialists to the students. These university led projects are guided through the different programme phases, following the typical development cycle of a space mission. Access to environmental test facilities, such as the CubeSat Support Facility in ESEC, is also offered throughout their participation in the programme. Eventually , a launch will only be offered by ESA to those teams that demonstrate the readiness of their spacecraft and ground segment and compatibility with the technical and safety requirements. These elements and the structure of this unique educational programme for CubeSats are presented.

The Call for Proposals for the fourth edition of Fly Your Satellite! is currently open to university teams composed of bachelor, master and PhD students from eligible states, who are close to integrating their satellite. The specifics of the proposal submission process are outlined together with some practical advises.

Additional educational CubeSat opportunities for university developers at different stages of the project lifecycle are expected to open soon. These new pilot programmes will also be advanced explained during the presentation.

Primary authors

Jan Maass (European Space Agency) Cristina Del Castillo Sancho (ATG EUROPE B.V. for ESA)


Alexander Kinnaird (European Space Agency)

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