9-10 December 2021
UTC timezone

Keynote: University CubeSat Programs – A (Pipe) Dream?

9 Dec 2021, 16:20


Dr Pauline Faure


Dr. Pauline Faure joined Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering Department in 2018 and teaches, among others, the department's capstone course on Spacecraft Design as well as the junior-level course on Fundamentals of Systems Engineering.

Dr. Faure’s research focuses on the adaptation and usage of space systems as an educative tool to build capabilities and support sustainable space activities for local communities, first time developers, and emerging space faring nations. In 2021, to support her research vision, Dr. Faure established ETOILES, a research laboratory dedicated to the development of Educational Technologies for Open and Interactive Learning via the Engineering of Small Spacecraft. ETOILES has over 40 undergraduate students and 4 graduate students working on varied projects from a flight mission to demonstrate space-based solar power system capabilities with small satellites to the development of an educational and controlled satellite platform.

Dr. Faure obtained her Ph.D. from Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan, in Mechanical and Control Engineering. Dr. Faure’s thesis dealt with decision-making processes in non-traditional satellites program management of assembly, integration, and testing activities.

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