9-10 December 2021
UTC timezone

Arenal Board: an open-hardware single-board OBC-COMs board.

9 Dec 2021, 16:55
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After working in the Irazú project, a basic store-and-forward and Costa Rica's first satellite, and reviewing documentation for the BIRDS projects from Kyutech, Japan, we found a potential project in the design of an open-hardware OBC and a LoRa-based COMs on a single board, using a specific microcontroller: the STM32WL series, a powerful MCU with an SX1276 integrated on a silicon level. This reduces the board's complexity, and by combining the two boards in one, volume is saved. LoRa is chosen for this since the expected use case is basic telemetry and commands; mission data such as imaging should be sent through a dedicated mission COMs module, which should be easier to implement given the increased space.

Primary authors

Jairo Rodríguez Blanco (Tecnológico de Costa Rica) Olman Quiros Jimenez (University of Wuerzburg)

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