9-10 December 2021
UTC timezone

LibreCube - Overview of Activities

9 Dec 2021, 14:00
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LibreCube's vision is to enable everyone to get involved in building systems for exploration of Earth and Space using open source hardware and software.

LibreCube is resting on these three pillars:

  • Open Source: Everything we do at LibreCube is made available to the public as free and open source. And we only use free and open source tools; this way, really everyone can get involved and contribute!

  • Free and Open Standards: We rely on proven and tested standards for our system designs, with preference to standards from the space domain.

  • Reference Architecture: Defining a generic architecture of system of systems that have standardized interfaces makes it possible to combine and reuse elements for various applications.

In this presentation, you will be given an overview on some current LibreCube projects conducted during this year with examples on their utilization. You will also learn on how you can actively join LibreCube and what practical space engineering skills and knowledge you can expect out of it - next to a lot of fun!

Primary author

Artur Scholz (LibreCube Initiative)

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