9-10 December 2021
UTC timezone

Practical mission analysis with Python

10 Dec 2021, 14:00
tutorial Workshop


In this tutorial, we will go over basic topics about orbit analysis in a practical way, aiming to address some common misconceptions. In particular, we will cover

  • How to visualize osculating orbits and ephemeris,
  • What a TLE is and is not,
  • How to fetch TLE and ephemeris data from open sources,
  • How to propagate osculating orbits and TLEs,
  • How to design transfer orbits and maneuvers,
  • How to compute satellite sensor coverage metrics.

We will use a cloud environment, so no installation is required. Basic understanding of the Python programming language is required to effectively follow the tutorial, and we will use libraries like poliastro, orbit-predictor, and Plotly.

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