9-10 December 2021
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Progress Report from Open Research Institute, Inc.

10 Dec 2021, 16:40
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Open Research Institute, Inc. (ORI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) research and development organization which provides all of its work to the general public under the principles of Open Source and Open Access to Research. Focused primarily on the amateur satellite service, this presentation summarizes all current technical and regulatory work at ORI. ITAR/EAR Regulatory Relief, Debris Mitigation Rules Negotiation, Phase 4 Space Digital Multiplexing Transponder progress, Phase 4 Ground Station (SatNOGs compliant) work, Public Access Interferometer plan, End-to-End FPGA based multiple-access digital broadband demonstration, DVB-S2 multimedia beacon demonstration, GNU Radio DVB-S2/X receiver block publishing schedule, space-appropriate microwave beacon work, OpenCPI FPGA integration, funding status, government grant status, and more.

Primary author

Michelle Thompson (Open Research Institute)

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